Catherine was born in France and has possessed a passion for drawing for as long as she can remember. Her personality and artistic passions forged quickly in the first five years of her life by observing her poet father who sometimes drew and inspired her to follow him. This is how, from an early age and as far as she can remember, she started drawing. The passion was born…
At the age of 10, her life was about to take another turn. She accomplished the mastery of oil paintings and defined the existence of her imaginary world. The world of paint would forever be a part of her and her primary motivation. At the same time, she was intrigued by the beginnings of what would become today’s digital art. In order to create her first digital paintings, she taught herself to use the very first graphics software, one of which would be published in a popular computer magazine of that time.
A true ‘jack-of-all-trades’, and without leaving aside her deep passion, she studied piano and at the age of fifteen, she participated in an internship at Lafite Rothschild (one of the largest wine-making castle) to learn the basics of art restoration (paintings, frames, mouldings, of old paintings).
At 17 years old, she entered a school of art, where she studied for a few years. She practiced many technics from painting to sculpture and graduated with achieving second place honors for her class.

She was a long time member of a traditional painters’ association and made exhibitions.
Social media and digital painting have greatly contributed to expand her skills worldwild to publishing houses such as IDW publishing where she made variant covers for the renowned series « The X-Files » or for Netflix series among others , Dynamite comics, Finem Mundi publishing, les éditions du Chat Noir(Fantasy Literature, Fantastic), Flammèche édition, Le petit caveau… and individuals.

Her influences are rich and multiple. She uses this wealth to mix them and create her own universe with recurrent themes as fantastic, mystical or paranormal things, the history and the mythology…portraits and characters are her favorite things to paint.
Her main purpose is to convey emotions to the viewer through her artworks, bring them life with the movement, elements of nature, lights, colors, topic… and try to give meaning by introducing fragments of a story or tale.

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