Fire’ s daughter: Fire Through Time: book I

Editor : Lemon Twist Press
Released : 15 may 2011

…from the cliffs of Elbourn to the valley of a thousand sorrows, she must fight to save her heart’s desire.

From the time of the Old Ones the fire was given. It waits for the next daughter of the Feyland line to be born. It waits for the next Fire Mistress. Zehdra Kilgarn’s time has come.

Promised to a man she’s never met to stop a war she never started, Zehdra Kilgarn will embark on the journey of her life. But will she overcome her fear of her mother’s fate in order to master her power in time to save the man she loves?

Gillam Bellvane needs a wife from the line Kilgarn and he needs her now, but can he choke down his distaste for an arranged marriage to save his people from imminent war? Will he find a way to make right the deception he’s dug himself into in order to win the heart of his emerald-eyed Princess?